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My grandmother passed away during the two-year period when I took photographs of the apple orchard that I happened to find, by chance, in my hometown. The light that reflected off the stainless steel table that held my grandmother’s ashes at the crematory and the sunshine filtering through foliage at the apple orchard seemed to overlap as my four-year old daughter stood there, gathering the ashes. The apple orchard was always filled with dense light. Even in the winter when nothing seemed to exist, there was a sunshine that reflected on the apples that had fallen on the ground and snow beneath bit as the birds ate. This place is always filled with light and shines after the darkness of night. Life could be the light. The following winter, I entered the apple orchard and prayed for the world to be filled with lights.

Title: sononite (At the orchard)
Author: Sachiko kawanabe
Designer : Koichi Hara
Date of Publication : 2015
Dimensions of book : 6¼x9½"
Number of Pages : 64pages
Number of photographs : 41 photographs
Limited edition of 600
Publisher : Omoplata /Printer : Onoue Printing Co.Ltd.
ISBN if applicable : 978-4-905052-79-1
Hard cover, spin (book marker)
Price : JPY2700 + shipping and handling

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